Exif To Filename is a GUI for the command-line utility ExifTool by Phil Harvey. It is a simple application for renaming photos with the data of the included meta info. Supported are all file formats recognized by ExifTool, like JPEG, PNG and a lots of proprietary camera formats.

List of supported file formats and tag names


- .NET Framework 2.0
- ExifTool

Latest release

Version 1.2 | 25-Jun-2007 (readme.txt)


- Download ExifToFilename 1.2 (ExifTool 6.87 included)
- Downlaod ExifToFilename 1.2 (GUI only)

  1. Download one of the above files (the first, if you're not sure which one)
  2. Unpack the downloaded zip archive
  3. Make sure 'ExifToolLocation' in ExifToFilename.config points to the right location if you downloaded the GUI only
  1. Start ExifToFilename.exe
  2. Set filename prefix and renaming pattern
    (Use included macros for tag names via context menu or use any tag name supported by ExifTool)
  3. Select files and drag&drop them into the ExifToFilename application window
  4. Check the renaming preview, make sure you have write access and click the rename button
Questions & Suggestions

Please use this forum for any questions or suggestions.