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qwwc2005 - switzerland vs north america 0 comments
Thu 28.04.2005 23:25 - zeus
sadly we missed the start of the qwwc2005 and with this, we missed the first 2 games, the results are as followed:

switzerland vs russian federation = W.O. for russia
switzerland vs hungary = W.O. for switzerland

yes its no joke, even if we missed the first 2 games, we won the second game because hungary also didnt show up, what a luck for us :)
with this we are now in the second round of the loser bracket and we have our next (and first) fight against north america. the date for the game is this saturday, the 30. april at 21:00 cet.
the lineup is not set yet, for sure ultron, respeqt and myself will play (also fiqtion, moe and silex but still unsure who exactly).. im still waiting for an answer from therion but he'll prolly also play. we'll see.
new member #2 0 comments
Mon 07.02.2005 22:51 - zeus
another old and well known qw player, sk|therion, joined the team switzerland today. because he is very busy with his exams at the moment, it is not sure yet how much he will and can support us in the upcoming qwwc2005. welcome therion to qw team.ch.
new member 0 comments
Mon 27.12.2004 00:43 - zeus
im glad to announce that silex from clan swk joined our team and will support us in the upcoming challenges. he is the first non jrq and also the first frenchspeaking player in our team, with this, we at least get a little feeling of a real national team ;>
qwwc 2005 announced 0 comments
Thu 25.11.2004 17:05 - zeus
theres a little post on the qwwc board from gaz where he says that a qwwc for 2005 is planed. its great to hear this news and ofcourse, team switzerland is already registered to participate in the next year ;>

there are no more informations available yet, ive only heard it will start around february2005, lets see and stay tuned.
qwwc 2004 is over (at least for us) 0 comments
Mon 26.04.2004 00:36 - zeus
... because we lost our second fight in the qwwc 2004 against denmark 0:5 and with this we fell out of the loser bracket. well at least we had our fun in 10 games against some of the best qw'er in the world, thx to them.
qwwc 2004 - switzerland vs denmark update 0 comments
Sun 25.04.2004 19:27 - zeus
because fonsi is not available today, we had to change our lineup as following

1on1's respeqt, ultron, zeus
2on2 fiqtion and zeus
4on4 ultron, fiqtion, respeqt, zeus
qwwc 2004 - switzerland vs denmark 0 comments
Sat 24.04.2004 17:37 - zeus
the date/time and lineup for the match against denmark are now set. we will play at sunday 21.00 with the following lineup:

1on1's respeqt, fonsi, zeus
2on2 fonsi and zeus
4on4 ultron fonsi respeqt zeus

you'll get infos and cam-ips in #qw.ch or #qwwc etcblah
first qwwc match lost 1 comments
Wed 21.04.2004 00:26 - zeus
as expected we lost our first qwwc match against netherlands with 0:5. it were some nice games and we had our fun ofc, thx to the dutch for the games.
with this loss we get into the loser bracket and there we will meet denmark. the lineup and an exact date&time (somewhen between 25.4 and 27.4) will follow within the next days.
qwwc 2004 - switzerland vs netherlands 0 comments
Tue 20.04.2004 02:59 - zeus
tomorrow (today) tuesday the 20.04 we have our first game at the qwwc 2004 against netherlands at 2100cet. our lineup will be:

1on1's fiqtion, fonsi, zeus
2on2 fiqtion and ultron
4on4 fiqtion, fonsi, ultron, zeus

they prolly will slaughter us but we will have our fun for sure :>
for cams or infos join #qw.ch or #qwwc on quakenet.
new qw team.ch page 0 comments
Tue 20.04.2004 02:20 - zeus
right before we have our first game at the qwwc 2004, the new page got released. welcome and have a nice stay :>
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